Affirmations based on the 8 limbs of yoga


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1    Yama (yum-uh)   Light of My True Nature    
        I live in a manner that illuminates the light of my true nature.

      Ahimsa (uh-him-sah)   Peaceful Action    
        I treat myself and others with peace, love, compassion, and gentleness.

      Satya (sut-yuh)   Authentic Self    
        I reside in my true, authentic self where I am whole, genuine, and steadfast.

      Asteya (uh-stay-uh)   Generosity    
        I am generous in life, love, and joy, giving where I can and taking only that which is mine.

      Brahmacarya (brawh-muh-char-ee-uh)   Temperance    
        I find the graceful balance of moderation in all my actions.

      Aparigraha (uh-par-eeg-ruh-huh)   Satisfaction
        I know that everything I need is right here, right now.

2    Niyama (nee-yum-uh)   Self-Actualization
        I live in a manner that fosters evolution toward my true nature.

      Sauca (shao-chuh)   Purity    
        I keep my mind and body free from impurities and toxins.

      Samtosa (sum-tow-shuh)   Contentment
        I live fully in the present, content and accepting of all that comes to me.

      Tapas (tuh-pus)   Motivation    
        I cultivate a burning motivation to develop into my true self and to view difficulties as teachers.

      Svadhyaya (svahd-hyaw-yuh)   Study    
        I understand the world, my life, and my inner self through study, contemplation, and reflection.

      Isvarapranidhana (eesh-var-up-praw-need-dhaw-nuh)   Devotion    
        I am devoted to the wise, divine power that feeds and nurtures me.

3    Asana (ah-sun-uh)   Posture
        I let go of restlessness and find the steady peace of my connection to the world.  

4    Pranayama (praw-naw-yaw-muh)   Breath of Life
        I breathe in Life and reveal the light of my true nature.

5    Pratyahara (prut-yaw-har-uh)   Withdrawal of the Senses
        I withdraw from my senses to focus deep within.

6    Dharana (dhar-duh-nah)   Concentration
        I sharpen my concentration to bring clarity and mastery to my mind.

7    Dhyana (dhee-yaw-nuh)   Meditation
        I expand the clarity of my mind until I am encompassed with profound tranquility.

8    Samadhi (suh-mawd-hee)   Union
        I realize that I am connected to all beings; that together we are all divine love.