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Hi! My name is Jackie.

I grew up in rural Illinois with three horses and twenty-something buffalo roaming our family farm. Surrounded by nature and growth, I developed a deep appreciation for life that has, in many ways, shaped who I am today. My favorite travel companion, dedicated business associate, and most trusted confident is my four-legged best friend, Oakley. With him, there is never a dull moment. We spend most of our time exploring the world, spending any minute we can outside, or snuggling together to read my latest book. He even occasionally visits the gym to help his mom lift heavy weights and get his “cardio” in (i.e., playing fetch with anyone he can find). 

What I find most rewarding is spending my time helping others find peace and wholeness when they feel like their world is unraveling.

Throughout our lives, we often find ourselves face-to-face with barriers, without the tools needed to tackle them by ourselves … “stuck” and unable to move forward. As a mental health therapist, I empower individuals, couples, and families, offering the ability to overcome the struggles life presents.

My approach to therapy is strength-based and client-centered, which incorporates a variety of treatment styles including trauma-focused therapy, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and relational life therapy (RLT). I also am passionate about mindfulness and have found that using holistic and eastern philosophies brings much success to the therapeutic process. Every person is unique, and it is important to me that together we find a solution that works best for you. 

I received my Master of Science degree in Clinical-Counseling Psychology from Illinois State University, as well as a graduate certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies. My experiences thus far have been diverse including crisis intervention, substance abuse treatment, sexual assault/trauma counseling, and community mental health. Additionally, I have researched extensively and have published works concerning multiculturally effective counseling for violent international crises and addressing traumatic experiences and mental health of incarcerated individuals. 

Helping people navigate the emotional aftermath and challenges that often arise from traumatic experiences is a special interest of mine. Additionally, I have a passion for working with couples and families, particularly teenagers and adults, to mend broken relationships and help them thrive again. 

I would love to be a part of your journey and help you reach your goals. Call or email me today to schedule an appointment!